Modern Matte Minimalist Soap Dispenser

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Your modern bathroom deserves a modern soap dispenser. The Modern Matte Minimalist Soap Dispenser from Shifted Modern is a sleek accessory that complements your subtle decor. 

Made of dolomite, the soap dispenser has a classy matte finish that accentuates the aesthetics of the room. Be it your bathroom, windowsill, kitchen, or bedroom, the carefully crafted design exudes a luxurious presence. 

The soap dispensing mechanism is designed for durability and ease of use. From housewarming, Christmas to wedding, it's a gift that leaves a mark. So what are you waiting for? Order the Modern Matte Minimalist Soap Dispenser today!

Approximate Dimensions (in inches) - Width 6 Inch, Height 3 Inch.

Made of Dolomite.

Threading on base may be different color than the rest of the base. This is for longer durability and it is not visible when pump is threaded on.